Translation of certificates, citizenship documents and private documents

Our certificate translation services meet the needs of both Italians and foreign citizens in relation to their private documents, such as citizenship documentation and documents for study and work abroad.

We deal with different types of requests by selecting the most suitable translators to meet the specific needs of each sector, document and client. This type of sector almost always requires sworn translations, in relation to which Studio Ati is able to follow all of the necessary stages, right up until the document being submitted to the relevant authority.

Studio Ati


Over the years, we have helped numerous people from all over the world with their citizenship requests, and translated degrees awarded to students accepted to some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, America and Asia. Studio Ati also represents a real point of reference for the local community of foreigners, helping them to fulfil registry office and civil status requirements. We process hundreds of documents every year and we only ever entrust them to translators who are aware of their specific requirements, guiding clients regarding the steps to follow for sworn translations and legalisation processes.

We also provide language assistance for publishing notices of marriage and interpreting during wedding ceremonies for foreigners wishing to get married in Italy.

Studio Ati provides translations for: citizenship requests, study abroad, work abroad, marriage records and visa applications. We also translate documents such as:

  • Identity documents;
  • Registry office certificates (e.g. birth certificates);
  • Certificates;
  • ¬†Self-certifications;
  • Official declarations;
  • Marriage or divorce certificate
  • Driving licences and vehicle registration certificates;
  • Professional certificates and curriculum vitae;
  • Criminal records, rulings, appeals, court documents;
  • Medical certificates and medical expenses;
  • Invoices for tax deductions;

Language combinations for the translation of certificates and private documents

Our translation of certificates, citizenship documents and private documents service is available is:

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