We offer translation services in Russian, from Italian to Russian and from Russian to Italian, using professional mother-tongue translators who we carefully select depending on the type of work and translation to be carried out.

All translations are overseen by Project Managers with organisational and language skills, who coordinate the various professionals involved and act as a contact person for the client, carefully assessing the meaning of the content to be conveyed and the relative recipients.

Russian: the language of great literature

Spoken mainly in Russia, the world’s largest country, but also in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, Russian has over 250 million speakers.
It is the most widely spoken language of Slavic origin in the world and uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Russian grammar is also very complex, characterised by nominal declension and three genders.
The documents that Studio Ati most frequently translates from Russian into Italian include birth and marriage certificates, criminal records and citizenship requests.

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