We offer translation services in Dutch, from Italian to Dutch and from Dutch to Italian, using professional mother-tongue translators who we carefully select depending on the type of work and translation to be carried out.

All translations are overseen by Project Managers with organisational and language skills, who coordinate the various professionals involved and act as a contact person for the client, carefully assessing the meaning of the content to be conveyed and the relative recipients.

Dutch: a visual language

Dutch is similar to English and German but, unlike German, it has no cases. In addition, it uses many diacritical signs (approximately 15). Dutch people use a lot of colloquialisms in their everyday language: the most important and expressive part of the Dutch language does not lie in its vocabulary, but in the metaphors and idiomatic expressions that give this language a very visual dimension.
This language is spoken by some 23 million people around the world and is mainly used in the Netherlands and Belgium, where it is referred to as Flemish.

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