Technical translations

Studio Ati works with translators who have specialist skills and extensive knowledge of the language and logics of a specific technical field, and who therefore know how to manage this type of content.

Over the years, we have developed specific technical glossaries and created terminology databases that ensure uniformity and consistency for technical translations, while respecting the specific nature of any given content.

Studio Ati: a trusted partner

We work with local and national companies on an ongoing basis and, to date, we’ve translated more than one million standard pages, including:

  • Product manuals,
  • User and maintenance manuals,
  • Safety manuals,
  • Installation manuals,
  • Technical proposals,
  • Material safety data sheets,
  • Technical specifications,
  • Quality certifications,
  • Product catalogues,
  • Tenders,
  • Technical specifications,
  • User guides.

We cover many different fields, from mechanics to electronics, from machine tools to steel manufacturing, right through to the fashion industry.

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