Legal Translations

We work with numerous law firms and notaries and provide linguistic support for the legal and administration departments of many large companies.

Studio Ati has translated more than 50,000 standard pages to date, including contracts, court documents and notarial deeds, powers of attorney, company articles of association, legal opinions, chamber of commerce records, rulings, arbitration proceedings and defence briefs.

Thanks to our decades of experience in legal translations, we have created specific terminology databases for different language combinations, adapting to the legal standards provided by institutions such as the European Union and International Criminal Courts.

Specific legal translations, depending on the type

We cater for different types of legal translation projects: notarial documents (mandates, powers of attorney and deeds), legal acts (summonses, appearances, briefs and minutes of hearings) and contracts (purchase agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, sale agreements, licence agreements, international agency agreements, employment agreements, tender agreements, commission agreements, transport agreements, franchising agreements, labour agreements, leasing agreements and loan agreements).

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