We offer translation services in Romanian, from Italian to Romanian and from Romanian to Italian, using professional mother-tongue translators who we carefully select depending on the type of work and translation to be carried out.

All translations are overseen by Project Managers with organisational and language skills, who coordinate the various professionals involved and act as a contact person for the client, carefully assessing the meaning of the content to be conveyed and the relative recipients.

Romanian: the language spoken by Italy’s largest foreign community

Studio Ati translates documents and certificates in Romanian on a daily basis: this is, in fact, the language spoken by Italy’s largest foreign community. The documents that are most frequently translated from Romanian into Italian are birth and marriage certificates and criminal records for citizenship requests and diplomas. Romanian is a Romance language, like Italian, Spanish or French but, unlike Italian, its alphabet contains the following diacritical signs:  ă, â, î, ș, ț.
Romania has been a member of the European Union since 2007, making Romanian an official language of the EU. Spoken by about 25 million people, in addition to Romania, it is also an official language in Moldova and, to a lesser extent, it is also spoken in some parts of Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Serbia.

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