Scientific and medical translations

Scientific and medical translations are exclusively carried out by native speakers who are selected depending on the area of interest and chosen on the basis of their experience and expertise in the field.
In addition to a perfect mastery of specialist terminology, it is essential for translators to clearly present the information and be able to precisely adapt content to the target language.

Studio Ati is specialised in scientific and medical translations for engineering firms, pharmaceutical companies, private documents such as medical reports and opinions, civil engineering reports and feasibility studies as well as chemical studies entrusted to scientific laboratories.

Scientific areas of study: architecture, engineering, pharmacy, psychology, veterinary medicine, chemistry, physics, biology and various fields of research.

Humanistic areas of study: history, archaeology, sociology, art, pedagogy, cultural heritage, anthropology and various fields of research.

We also work with the University of Verona and have translated numerous academic articles in the fields of history, sociology and archaeology for publication in academic journals or to be presented at international conferences. Also in these fields, translators are selected based on precise criteria in terms of their skills and specific mastery of the language.

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