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Professional Translation

Since 1979 Studio ATI has been providing professional translation services in more than 100 language pairs, while ensuring high quality and punctual delivery.

Thanks to our international network of professional translators, we can manage any translation request.

Native professional interpreters

Our interpreters’ network covers both the Italian and the European territory. Our language experts are available for public events, private negotiations, business meetings, trade fairs, legal and notarial proceedings.

Certified translation

Studio ATI is highly experienced in the field of certified translation and collaborates with the Court of Verona, the Justice of the Peace and the Public Prosecutor’s office of the Italian Republic for all procedures related to Sworn and Legalized Translation.

Translation agency

Studio ATI - a translation agency based in Verona, Italy - has been providing translation and interpreting services both in Italy and abroad since 1979. We have been working with companies, professionals and individuals, always granting high quality services and professionalism throughout the various stages of the language service provided.

With more than 35 years of experience, Studio ATI has extended its activities and expertise and is therefore able to manage translation services which require a high degree of specialization in all translation fields, from technical to legal, from literary to scientific.
Studio ATI is also accredited with the Court of Verona through its translators and offers Certified Translation Services: Sworn translation; Apostille and Legalization.

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How we work

Project Management

The management of each project follows a precise sequence of steps aimed at increasing the quality and rapidity of the service. This working procedure can be adapted according to the specific needs of each client. Each project is entrusted to a dedicated project manager, who monitors the progress of the project from the first contact with the customer, to the selection of the most suitable translator and to the final proofreading and delivery. The project manager is the reference person for the customer, who can at any time contact the project manager to check the status of the project throughout the translation stages.


Selection of the most suitable translator


Proofreading & Delivery


Professional Translators and Interpreters

All translators and interpreters collaborating with Studio ATI are high-qualified native speakers, who are selected only after an accurate examination of their qualifications, professional experience and specialization.

Selection Process

Studio ATI only selects high-qualified translators with specific linguistic training and at least 5 years’ experience in the translation field.

New translators are always tested through trial translations before starting the collaboration with our agency. These tests are aimed at verifying their linguistic competence in terms of grammatical accuracy, terminology and style.

Even after successful completion of the test, the work of the new translator will be accurately monitored for the first 5 translation projects, to further verify compliance with our quality standards and delivery terms.

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